October 3, 2006

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Company Portfolio

Asian Links has shown significant grow from year to year. Click here to read our company portfolio.

Asian Links Travel Services has been a player as a wholesale agent for almost 11 years. In its early years, Asian Links Travel Services has successfully promoted and sell packages to China . Since 1993, the skills and knowledge of Asian Links Travel Services' professionals has helped bring thousands of corporate and leisure travelers for meeting their needs through our affiliates around the world.

Started in 1993 up to 1997, Asian Links Travel Services sold Land Arrangement and Hotel Reservation for groups, as well as for individual travelers, Free & Easy Package covering China , Hong Kong , Australia , New Zealand and America . In 1998, we opened Hotel Department which mainly focused on Singapore . As the business grow fantastically, we start to widen our products and services coverage to Asia , South East Asia , Europe , Australia , and America . Destinations to Singapore , Korea , Japan and Bangkok are also very popular.

As a consistent expansion in our range of integrated services, Asian Links Travel Services open Cruise Department in 1999. In the early years of our Cruise Department, we specialized in sales for Star Cruise. Strong leadership, hard work and good management direction plays very important part in growing this department. In relatively quick, Asian Links Travel Services develop cruise tour packages by partnering with its travel agents. These cruise tour packages are inclusive of accommodation and transportation (cruise and air-tickets).

Asian Links Travel Services then offers more interesting packages such as Star Virgo and Star Leo. With Super Star Virgo starting from Singapore and Super Star Leo from Hong Kong we take you to places you have been dreaming of, in a luxury services you can enjoy all the time.

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